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"What is the core of my Internet Success?  First of all, I consider it a pleasure to NOT have a business, per say but I do have modest living.  I have made money on the inernet for years, little money, big money ONCE, but until recently I have retained some of my own knowledge and skills and this acts as my foundation, as certain websites have made ME money from day ONE!"

"In order to truly succeed, it takes money to make money!  I have learned that the hard way.  I have made some bad decisions in my life.  Some on the next big thing or some company that has been around the world and made a profit off of it, only to find out in those situations the only people that get paid are the people at the very top.  They are getting paid from other people's actions.  And to be honest, there is nothing wrong with that.  That's the nature of "business".  My way of living is a little bit different.  It's not a system or anything like that, it is what I, Craig McDaniel,  do only a daily basis to make money on the internet.  Remember, I do this daily.  What I do may not work for you. But for me it does.  A below average month has me paying $200 per month for targeted advertising and I make about $3,000.  So I still clear about $2,500 that month.  Then there are months in which I still spend the same amount on targeted advertising but I make over $7,000 some months.  What I do is not hard and is amazingly simple.   You will be like, "I could do that."  And this is what I want.  I want somebody that really wants to learn a real internet based income.  I must warn you, it's NOT going to happen overnight.  The process is totally free every month.  I don't have to buy anything, I don't have to sell anything.  I do pay for membership upgrades in a couple of these sites because of the better benefits. But that's me! Now this is where I can help YOU.  I think I can help YOU make money by showing YOU what I do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to make money from the internet."

"My personal method of making money may NOT be like anything YOU are involved in right now.  I respect and understand that.  YOU DO YOU!!!  What I do is provide YOU with an opportunity.  If YOU choose to proceed and get "Qualified", You will receive $25 cash into YOUR PayPal account.  It's as simple as that.  If YOU are reading this right now, then YOU must be interested.  Go ahead, get "Qualified".  What YOU do with the money is on YOU.  But once again, I offer YOU an opportunity to do what I do.  Those 5 Super Sites!  No fancy tricks, No gimmicks, No paying for useless information or software or the next big thing."

"So Please find the 5 Super Sites on this page and enjoy making YOUR first money today!"

Craig McDaniel

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"And that's it! Just sign up and promote them together for a powerful advertising platform that totally makes you money!  Now once, you have made you some free money, how about I show you how to make money just by giving away free coffee!  Just imagine having an internet and a coffee business at the same time and all YOU did was follow my free and simple instructions.  Click HERE to find out more."

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